Retrieving Trials

What are Retrieving Trial Competitions?

The aim of a retrieving trial is to test gundogs under conditions as close as possible to those in natural field shooting. Artificial game is used in SSAA retrieving trials for the retrieve. At a retrieving trial the dog will be required to:

  • be under control and quiet at all times,
  • walk at heel,
  • stay on command, until released,
  • mark and retrieve thrown items of game, and under direction, seek and retrieve hidden items of game,
  • when ordered to retrieve, it should be done quickly, and direct without disturbing too much ground,
  • retrieve on land, across water, and in water, and
  • return the item of game to the handler, and gently deliver to the hand.

The shooting and game laws of all states and territories must be observed, and govern the conduct of all trials in conjunction with WGAA Retrieving Trial Rules. Every competitor must be a member of SSAA or affiliated body member.

A dog will be judged on its:

  • Natural ability for: memory, intelligence, attention, nose, courage, perseverance, style, and eagerness.
  • Its training abilities for: marking, steadiness, obedience, controlled response to direction, presentation of delivery, steadiness to shot, and not gun shy.

Dogs are expected to retrieve under all natural working conditions.

Levels of Competition

TEST STAKE - Dogs competing in this level are beginners and have never placed in a stake or won a Test stake. (UFR branch runs Test Stake at all trials.)

INTERMEDIATE STAKE - Intermediate level is for gundogs that have not won an Advanced or Open Stake. Once a dog has won 3 Intermediate stakes it can apply for an IRD Title and can no longer compete in this level.

ADVANCED STAKE - Advanced stake is for gundogs that have not won an Open stake. Once a dog has won 4 Advanced stakes it can apply for an ARD Title and can no longer compete in this level.

OPEN STAKE - Open stake is limited to dogs that have placed in an Intermediate or Advanced stake. The SSAA United Field and Retrieving Branch Inc. (UFR) was formed in July 2007 under the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia's umbrella, by a dedicated group of gundog enthusiasts keen to keep retrieving trials in Queensland going and more importantly....growing.