Please see below a list, and our events for this year.

You can enter any of our competitions by downloading an entry form, or entering online via our Members Form Page.

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For directions and details on how to get to one of our events, please email us at E-Mail:

NOTE - $5.00 late fee will be applied to all entries submitted within 5 working days of the trial.

Please be aware that as most of our events are held outside of the Brisbane Metro area, phone service can be very limited, so checking and responding to last minute emails may not always be possible. We recommend that you obtain directions no later than 2 days before the trial date.

2021 Calendar

Our trials are open to all levels of competition, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Open.
Contact us if you need further information.


3rd Feb 2021 - Night Training Class 6pm-7.15pm(Ferny Grove)
Please see FB page for further information and to RSVP


28th March 2021 - Retrieving Trial (Belmont)


24th April 2021 - 'Kilkivan Cup' Retrieving Trial (Kilkivan)
24th April 2021 - Club Meeting
25th April 2021 - 'Anzac Memorial' Retrieving Trial (Kilkivan, starting at 1.00pm)
26th April 2021 - completion of 'Anzac Memorial' Retrieving Trial if necessary


1st May 2021 - 'Great Northern' Retreiving Trial (Stewartdale, Ripley)
2nd May 2021 - 'Patrons' Retreiving Trial (Stewartdale, Ripley)

30th May 2021 - 'Anniversary' Retrieving Trial (Stewartdale, Ripley)


26th June 2021 - Retrieving Trail (SSAA Inglewood, camping at caravan park)
26th June 2021 - Club Meeting (SSAA Inglewood, camping at caravan park)


24th July 2021 - 'Lydstep Cup' Retrieving Trial (Dayboro)
25th July 2021 - 'Garry Haigh' Retrieving Trial (Dayboro)


22nd August 2021 - Retrieving Trial (Postponed)
22nd August 2021 - Club Meeting (Postponed)



3rd September 2021 - SSAA Multi Level Championships Draw (Camping from Noon, Draw 7pm)
4th September 2021 - SSAA Multi Level Championships - Day 1
5th September 2021 - SSAA Multi Level Championships - Day 2

4th-5th September 2021 - 'Queensland Cup' Retrieving Trial (Stewartdale, Ripley)
5th September 2021 - Fastest Gundog (Stewartdale, Ripley)
5th September 2021 - Club Meeting (Stewartdale, Ripley)



27th November 2021 - XMAS Party and Trophy Night